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AdvoCare Testimonials

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Here are a few testimonials from people I’ve sponsored through the 24 Day Challenge.:)


“I am so glad that I did the 24 day challenge.  I lost 12 pounds and realized that eating right can make me feel great. Megan was awesome – texting me back every time I texted her about what I should buy at the grocery store or how to cook something – which was a lot!  I tried so many new foods and different ways of preparing them.  I learned a lot about my eating habits and my body.  The cleanse part of the challenge was probably my favorite because I could immediately tell that I was doing something my body needed.  The 24 days I stuck to the challenge allowed me to step back and evaluate my reasons for eating, and my food choices.  Thanks Megan!  It was awesome!”

– Heather

I’ve lost 12 pounds! I’m so excited. I fit in all my old clothes again! Thank you so much. I’m so glad I did it!

– Brittany

“I’m thankful EVERY DAY for AdvoCare. I couldn’t even begin to express my feelings. It’s incredible that a couple months ago I was considering asking my boyfriend to take care of me because my condition was worsening every month, but felt too ashamed. I didn’t know how to explain how much pain I was in and even worse, I couldn’t tell him or my mother how concerned I was. The pain was so severe the only thing I thought was, “how much of this can my heart take before it gives up?” All I could do was try and try to get insurance through Medicaid because I didnt have money for insurance. The only money I had finally saved up all this year went to AdvoCare. Honestly that was the best choice I ever made. I could have seen multiple doctors and cardiologists by now trying to get healthy but I think going through the challenge has made me more healthy than any doctor could! Knowing I’m going to be around for my family is the best feeling in the world! I have made a complete 180! A miracle! I can’t even say these words without crying…so thankfully I can type it. I never imagined I would feel this good. I didnt ask for this at all… I only prayed I could be healthy enough to play with my daughter but I got so much more than. I feel like a new person. I lost 8 pounds and gained an awesome life. I feel so blessed!”

– Angelica

“When I stumbled upon Megan’s AdvoCare before and after photos on Pinterest, I was very skeptical to whether it would really work for me or not, if the products were worth the money, but also thinking that maybe I should really seek out more information and give it a try. When I began asking Megan questions, she was nothing but helpful, encouraging, attentive and just about everything I would want my advisor to be. I asked her millions of questions along the way. It was as simple as e-mailing her a questions and she would get back to me nearly immediately! The AdvoCare products were amazing but also intimidating when you receive them all, but again, Megan was just a phone call/e-mail away to answer any questions I had. Although I thought she would have been fed up with all of my minor, annoying questions – I could tell she really enjoyed helping me and wanted to see he have great results. After the 24 day challenge I lost a total of 12 lbs and 10.5 inches. I would recommend these products, this program, and Megan to anyone! YOU CAN DO IT – IT’S WORTH IT! It has helped me develop a better lifestyle including going to the gym everyday and being creative with making healthy meals! LOVE IT!”

– Ally

“When I first started the program I was kind of worried that it was going to be like another scam and a waste of money, but talking to Megan made me feel a lot better about it. She was so helpful and kind and excited about the product which made me more excited. She told me that she will be only a phone call away and with any questions I had just to call or text her. I remember one night I texted her super late her time because of the time difference and in the morning at 3:30 am my time she had this long email that she sent to me answering my questions. she was so excited for me when I saw such great results! I know I will keep in touch with Megan through the years. I loved having her as my sponsor!”

– Jenna

“Megan was the only reason I got through the 24 Day Challenge! She was a great source of encouragement to keep going and the force behind my success. I am a mother to two wonderful children, ages 9 and 4 months, I am a wife, and I work a part-time job.  Like every other mother I was having a difficult time losing the baby weight I had gained.  I was exhausted from my relentless schedule that literally goes nonstop 24/7. I had such a lack of energy exercise was nothing more than a thought.  Within days of starting the challenge I had so much energy I was staying up after the children had gone to bed!  I started to exercise which boosted my energy level even more.  I was certainly challenged because I am nursing my baby so some of the food I introduced into my diet reacted badly with my newborn and I could not take any of the herbal supplements so I found myself calling or texting Megan literally every single day to keep me going.  I had a million questions before I even purchased the products; she was always very quick to respond and had an answer for everything! She never got tired of hearing from me and always had something positive to say to get me back on track!  Thanks to Megan’s motivation and upbeat advice: I lost 13 pounds, 9.5 inches, 8% body fat and I went from a size 10 to a size 4! If I can do this challenge, anyone can do it!”

- Allison

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